Fashion is a game of musical chairs.

Houses trade up designers in a high stakes environment.  Heritage brands are always looking for the next designer to infuse the house with something  new that will capture the imaginations and wallets of the ever fickle, ever more youthful, fashion consumer.

From the start, Mr. Tisci infused Givenchy with a Goth sensibility which often was a little too dark for my personal taste. Givenchy, born as a brand in the era of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and known as the house that dressed Audrey Hepburn on her ascent to stardom, and ever after as she wore the mantle of Style Icon Emeritus.  Tisci’s Givenchy evolved into a brand, dark, Goth and besotted with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.  There really wasn’t a lot for me in the collections that evoked the emotions that I love, namely happiness. For me, happy is the most elegant emotion of all.

But sometimes opposites do attract. I have always had a love affair with Givenchy tote bags and am wondering about what I am going to do if the house changes tack.  Le’ts just say, I’ll have a transportation dilemma. With Givenchy under Tisci, I never failed to find a perfect tote to ride in and I owe my place as First Dog of Fashion to an iconic Rottweiler Tote.  It was this very  bag that set my career  into motion.  If it weren’t for that bag, I would just be another trick dog living in Chicago.

My bags are a little, wry wink of sorts to the passersby who notices. It’s my design to make you smile.

In 2014 my human put me in a Givenchy Rottweiler tote with a fleece covered foam cushion in the bottom. It’s a little visual humor that has always been a great conversation starter. The bag was the inspiration for me to make my first “flash performance” at Paris Fashion Week in 2014. The bag was displayed in Barney’s New York window. Somehow, it went from the window to front of the Grand Palais in Paris in no time flat. That bag got lots of attention and was lovingly and extensively ported around the world. It’s now moth-balled, on it’s last legs,  and only taken out for very special occasions. No matter where we are, it never fails to make people smile.

Shopping for fabric for my next collection at Mood Fabric New York. Ride by Givenchy,

Next up was a Givenchy Leopard print tote which for me was a camouflage of sorts.  Again, it was a little ironic that my bag of choice should be a pattern of a huge and dangerous big cat and in that the pattern could be the hiding place of a little dog. This bag has just gone out for repair and it too is also used occasionally to preserve and extend it life. For a little dog, perfect statement bags are hard to come by.

Fashion is intensely personal and every purchase should make a unique style statement about the wearer. The choices of my tote bags always have a deeper meaning than just being a nice design from the brand du jour. It’s a little walking fashion statement and billboard that tells passersby something about who I am. A little, wry wink of sorts to the passersby who notice.

At the end of his tenure, Mr. Tisci seems to have softened. His most recent collections became less broody and dark and more optimistic. His runway looks still bore the same passionate intensity but it is like someone opened the draperies to let the light into his atelier. His aesthetic coming down the runway was somehow prettier and his accessories line became centered around the theme of LOVE.

Initially, my Givenchy bags were perfect because of the wry, visual irony but now the bags from the house are much more literal.  Riccardo understands, just as I have always known, love is always the answer. It’s like he plastered my mission statement all over the accessories.  Ric, were you talking directly to me?

I believe in the power of love!


My current bag, is imprinted with, “I Believe In The Power Of LOVE”.  There is no irony just a lot of truth. I work hard for children and the underdogs.  Never a week goes by without my going out to share my special brand of sunshine.  In today’s world it is imperative that we remember to love and be kind.  Riding in this bag is our own little daily reminder to everyone. Take a moment. Make someone feel special. And if you need a little pick me up, well then, I’m  your girl!

Safe Travels Mr. Ric.  It is rumored that Versace wants your talents and I wish you all the best. No matter where you end up, I hope you will continue making bags that help me tell my story to the world, one sidewalk at a time!

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