Last week at New York Bridal Fashion Week, it was all about white dresses. Big, white dresses.  I wore them for four days straight. Most brides really never get a chance test drive a dress for an entire day. Although I was a sight to behold (or so I have been told), it turns out, that those big dresses made me think seriously about what it feels like to wear a gown.  It was hard to move. And what about play?  Could. Not. Do. It.

I discovered the concept of Renegade bridal style here. Renegade is for the bride that values personal style over tradition and the article primarily showcases gowns that are not white. My version of Renegade goes even farther than that. To me,Renegade Style is for the bride wants who wants to wear white but wants comfort and modernity without sacrificing her own personal style. Of course, she wants to be beautiful, too.  A traditional gown is just not for her. There are so many options this season.

Many point out that because of the cumbersome nature of a traditional gown, many brides have several outfit changes. That is just so, so complicated. What was shown on the runways for Spring 2018 is for the bride who would prefer to spend time at her own party rather than changing clothes while her guest are having fun.  The big news and bridal trend is The New Renegade Bride and most of the big fashion houses know it!

I can pinpoint the exact second that The Renegade Bridal Style seed was planted in my brain. It was the moment in 2014 when I was fan-girling over the gorgeous Olivia Palermo and her chic-as-anything, Carolina Herrera wedding outfit. (Her hubs is pretty easy on the eyes as well.) The image haunted me for three years before I went to Bridal Fashion Week.

Ms. Palermo’s choice of a cashmere sweater, shorts and a tulle over-skirt was nothing less than a bridal fashion earthquake. The fact that she and Johannes Huebl are the most breathtakingly beautiful couple was just the icing on the top tier of the wedding cake.

So without much further ado, let me show you my favorite styles for the renegade, fun-loving bride. It’s what I would chose to wear when I say “I do”. Would you? The second collection of Viktor&Rolf Mariage, was one of my favorites of the season. The looks were clean, Parisian, gamine and fresh. Each look was wonderful. Yes, the collection featured their signature big, Flower Bomb gowns but these new, modern looks just won me over. Oh, and don’t even get me gushing over the hair bow in look #2 below.  I truly believe that everyone should wear hair bows. Every day. All the time.

Just as she did for Ms. Palermo in 2014, Carolina Herrera has delivered the ease of sweater dressing to her bridal line. The sweater and skirt trend has been revived this season and its game is still strong. And a how about a polished blouse and pussy bow?  Indisputably, no one can design a white blouse like Mrs. Herrera and this look would stroll the runway and beyond. In the final look, the cropped wedding flares are completely fresh and fun and the touch of accenting black velvet was seen on runways across New York.  Black and White for bridal is a hot and Ms. Herrera’s style compass was pointed true north. My two favorite bridal lines of the season were photographed in black and white.  In keeping with this trend, I’ll leave you with a black and white photo of me. Photograph © Bojan Hohnjec (Click the images to check out his work!)

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