At some point in their life, everyone should visit Palm Beach. The luckiest ones get to visit over and over.

As the saying goes, every dog has her day. I was invited by The Brazilian Court Hotel to come for a visit, to check in and be a guest. The hotel is pet friendly and I was treated like a queen. This little gem of a Palm Beach property is understated and, oh so, elegant and exclusive. My human and I spent a couple of days completely unwinding and soaking up the Florida sun.

The pool at The Brazilian Court is considered one of the very best on the island.  It’s a lush tropical enclave with terry covered lounges and a staff that discreetly attends to every guest’s beck and call.  If you want a big poolside or cabana scene you can find that elsewhere but if  private and luxurious are what you are looking for, then this is the place of your dreams.

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Lilly Pulitzer”] Style isn’t about what you wear, it’s about how you live. [/blockquote]

For those of you who would prefer a little dip in the ocean, the beach is just down the street. It’s a two minute bike ride on one of the Martone Cycling Co. bicycles the hotel offers to guests. Gussied up Palm Beach style in hot pink and Lilly Pulitzer floral print, these bikes are the best and happiest way to get around. The Lilly print basket fit me just right.

The beach was beautiful. My paws in the sand, salt air and warm breezes all around made for a perfect relaxing walk. Personally, I am not a water dog and stayed on the shore although, I did love what the salty breeze did for my hair. Beach hair all the way!


Worth Avenue is a legendary shopping destination. It’s a palm lined promenade of Spanish Revival style architecture by Addison Mizner. If it’s the absolute best money can buy, you will find it here.

Worth Avenue is also a beautiful destination for people watching.  You see in the image above, I went shopping at Hermès and afterward gave the ladies on the sidewalk a bit of something to look at!  I have learned that Hermès will be moving to a new Palm Beach location. Until they do, I think Hermès Orange, and Palm Beach Pink should be the house colors of Worth Avenue.

After beaching and shopping and strolling and relaxing, I was feeling very festive so for dinner I donned my Wearing Memories necklace and tucked a frilled hibiscus into my hair.

That night, we dined at Café Boulud under the tropical stars.  It was a magical evening. Our patio table was nestled in the romantic courtyard of The Brazilian Court Hotel. It was a perfect way to toast a perfect stay.

All photos: credit the wonderful Aubrie @ Curly Girl Photography

Caron Slimak

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