Rome is such a magnificent city, one of my favorite places ever!

My love for Rome is so encompassing that there should be no surprise that one of my favorite fashion houses is there. I am completely besotted with all things Fendi so you wouldn’t believe how delighted I was when, while planning our trip, we discovered a Fendi guidebook, Your Seven Ways To Rome.

It’s a wonderful city guide written by the most fashionable experts on Rome, the cognoscenti at Fendi! I cetainly can’t think of anyone better to consult on where to go and what to see in Rome. This little elegant book, bound in cloth, is unlike any other city guide I have encountered.  Consider it a more of personal notebook thoughtfully written by your most fashionable Roman friend.

With our trusty little notebook, I explored the best of the Eternal City. Our friends at Fendi have thought of everything. There are themed walks that took us to the best places to eat, shop, revitalize and pamper ourselves.  Most ingeniously of all, thoughout the book are fantastic music playlists to provide the perfect soundtrack to your Roman adventures.

Rome was a poem pressed into service as a city – Anatole Broyard

There is not one picture in the guide. Not one! Your Seven Ways To Rome is simply not not for an armchair tourist. It is for the engaged and fashionable traveler. Our friends at Fendi want you to lace up your Italian sneakers, load up a playlist and get out there. And that is exactly what we did.

One of our first stops was flagship as the Fendi Boutique.  I had planned to show you an “unboxing” of our purchase which is something Vloggers do  to show off their fashion acquisitions. However, my human couldn’t restrain herself from ripping open the packaging her to use her new cross body bag long enough to make a video. So, you will have to make due with my version of an unboxing instead.  It puts a whole new twist on “unboxing”, doesn’t it?

After exploring the entire city with help of the Fendi guidebook, I couldn’t help but think back to last year’s Milan Fashion Week. Of course, as a Fendi lover I had to street style wearing my own Monster Sweater.  I’m sure Karl got his inspiration to create ‘bag bugs’ from moi.  I like to think of myself as the original bag charm.

The major key takeaway from this entire “Romeing” experience is definitely that Fendi, and all things Roman, is an immersion into the epitome of la dolce vita. I am always enchanted by this wonderful city and everything in it, and I look forward to visiting again and again!

Ciao for now, Roma!

Milan Fashion Week Photo Credit: Roberto Campos @StyleComptoir

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