With such a busy schedule all the time, it is always makes me happy when I get to take an hour to help little humans become better readers.

I love it when I get to take trips to the classroom. Not only do I get to sport an adorable bandana that lets everyone know I am the dog of the hour but I do very important work.  As a certified assistant in SitStayRead I get to spend time with the kids while they read great books about amazing dogs. It’s so much fun!

Most importantly, it is essential that I can take time and really impact and influence kids to be the best they can be. A child who reads well will become an adult who reasons well.

This is a fun way that we can tackle childhood illiteracy and improve reading fluency. My human and I are proud to be part of this organization because SitStayRead works hard to provide students from low-income families with the proper resources to increase the students’ literacy skills. A foundation of literacy lasts a lifetime and teaching a child to read, write and think, sets them on path for a confident life of self-sufficiency. It is like giving a child a gift of wings and a breeze to take them to their full potential. This mission is everything.

One of the best parts of each visit, is that the kids read a wonderful story about a dog. They get super enthusiastic when they can read about someone like me, see me, and pet me all while in the classroom. It motivates them and makes for a delightful, life changing experience.

My favorite book we read was The Most Magnificent Thing, a book featuring a young girl and her dog. The story is about perseverance and determination, it teaches us that even in the toughest situations it’s sometimes best to take a break and go for a walk. That way you can come back and tackle the problem head on. The book has a great life lesson and I recommend that everyone, adults and kids alike, give it a read.

My human and I have been reading partners with SitStayRead as Book Buddies, Tail Blazers and Poetry Pals. We work with 1st and 2nd graders and some very grown up 3rd graders. You wouldn’t believe the  stories we share and converstaions we have!!!  It really makes me believe in the future.

As long as I get to see a child smiling and reading I am happy. I encourage everyone, dog or human,  to take some time and find how you can contribute to the community. Whether its reading with children, or cuddling at a children’s hospital, find ways that you can brighten up days, remember the Lola motto: Share the Love and the Sunshine.

Paws Up!

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