Happy New Year!

Hello again, dear friends. It’s been a while. Way too long, in fact. As most of you did, I made resolutions for the coming twelve months: move to Paris, travel more and write more. While moving to Paris might be some time away, the writing and traveling parts can start right away.
Here it is, my first written post of 2018. I did it! Certainly, a party and presents are in order. We can be festive and celebratory even in January, don’t you agree? I’m hosting a giveaway to celebrate.
What can you win? How about a little coffee and a little piece of Paris?

Well, it will be in the form of a $25 Starbucks e-card and a Kindle edition of Paris In Bloom by Georgianna Lane. Because, sipping a cup of French Roast and leafing through a lushly photographed book about Parisian flowers and springtime sounds like perfect a cure for winter, doesn’t it?

Next week, I’m packing my bags and heading out to a surprise destination. Here comes the ‘travel more’ part. But for now, I thought I’d let you guess where I’m going. You don’t even have to be right to win but you do have to guess. That’s all part of the fun. Hint: it’s not Paris just yet.

Here is how you enter to win:

1. Comment on my Instagram contest post and guess where my next destination will be (you don’t have to be right to win but you do have to make a guess).

2. Tag a friend for an extra entry.

3. Sign up for my “Postcard From” newsletter series through the link in my bio. They are fun little virtual postcards from my travels.

That’s all there is to it! It’s easy peasy to join the party. The contest winner will be contacted via e-mail Monday and upon confirmation, be announced in my IG stories Tuesday afternoon from my surprise trip location!

Head over to Instagram now!

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